Home Repairs You Should Never Ignore!

Thursday Sep 12th, 2013


Many people put off repairs in their home. We tend to dodge it and push it off for as long as possible. Everyone realizes that repairs must be done, but other events take a higher priority and often the funds are not readily available. All that said, certain repairs must be done sooner rather than later. These common tasks can lead to greater problems if pushed off for too long.

  • A water leak - Leaks can lead to a whole lot of problems if not handled immediately. Constant moisture can cause the wood to rot, mold, dry rot, or termite infestations. Rotting can compromise the stability of the foundation, subfloor, or roofing, leading to very expensive repairs if the foundation or roof buckles. Most importantly, water-related problems can get your home blackballed by insurance companies worried about mold-related claims.
  • Peeling paint - Paint is a home's protection from the elements. It's the first line of defense against incursions by water and pests. Exterior paint is formulated to protect your house from rain and moisture. If the paint peels, water can seep into wood and lead to rot.
  • Unusually high fuel bills - This is more than a money issue. If your heating system isn't running properly, it can be leaking carbon monoxide. Be sure to have carbon monoxide sensors in your house to alert you if levels are increasing.
  • Unusual flickering lights - If your lights are consistently flickering - more than a bulb needing to be changed - then wiring in your house may be off or your circuit board isn't hooked up properly. Be sure to check on this because it can cause fires!
  • Rodents - Rats and mice love to chew through just about anything. When it comes to your house, they will chew through insulation and wiring (among other things). This can be dangerous as exposed wires can sometimes cause fires. If they have chewed through wires, be sure to replace them. Certain areas (i.e. theo mountains and hilly areas) are often prone to vermin. If this is the case, try to keep any infestations under control.

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